I was elated when I discovered Hannah's Shoe Box a few weeks ago...and so was my almost 9 year old daughter (who currently wears a size 5). Within hours of learning about the website, I found myself ordering shoes. Customer service thus far has been exceptional and I look forward to filling up my daughter's closet with more beautiful age-appropriate shoes.
Thank you!!!

I want to Thank Hannah's Shoebox for finding my daughter 3 pairs of shoes. It was truly a long time since my daughter wore women shoes. The stress began in 5th grade. I noticed she was growing and growing, not only in statue but also in shoe size. At the end of 2013 I could no longer find her shoes or sandals. I began to buy her men shoes (size 10). But my greatest challenge was finding dress shoes. I had already given up on sandals, but she needed dress shoes to attend church. Her last pair of flats she wore for over 2 years. I knew she couldn't wear them at some point, but she always said they didn't hurt. After searching the Web and calling many stores, I had given up and was about to buy a pair of men flats that didn't look to manly. Then I came across a newspaper article on Hannah's Shoebox. Within a week of contacting Hannah, my daughter had new shoes. She was so happy to have new shoes, she wore them the next day to church. Thanks Hannah's Shoebox! You Rock!

I'm so ecstatic to have found out about this store. My daughter (age 9, shoe size 11) received her first pair of shoes from your store and she absolutely loves them!!! (And so do I). They were reasonably priced, arrived quickly and more importantly age appropriate.

Thank God for people like you. My daughters are now 15 and 13 but for the past 2 years, or so, they have each been in a size 11. Finding age appropriate shoes for years for them starting from first grade was impossible. And, yes, shoe shopping almost always lead to arguments and pouting. I hope your business is prosperous.

Thanks to Hannahsshoebox.com customer Rayna for sharing a picture of her Orange Clear Jelly Boots. Her mom says she LOVES them!